Bakary Badjie for KMC Mayor

Serving the people of Kanifing Municipality for a brighter future. 

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Providing solutions & supporting the community


Economic & Tax Reforms

We must change the way the taxes are collected and managed by the Council and pull the Kanifing Municipality out of the sluggish business growth to an economic boom and a gateway for innovation.

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Education & Livelihood skills

We must provide learning and employment opportunities for at-risk children and youth as an insurance policy for a strong KMC, and a crime and poverty free community that gives equal opportunity to all its citizens.

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Youths, Sports & Recreation

We must serve as enablers to supply the support, opportunities, programs, and services to facilitate adolescents’ development into healthy and fully functioning adults to create a vibrant and crime free society.

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Public & Community services

We must increase access to health and waste management services, invest in environmentally friendly initiatives, ensure regular trash collection and improve access to affordable health care services.

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Making a difference. Working for You!

We have a unique opportunity in the New Gambia to rise from our challenges and create a Kanifing Municipality that we can all be proud to live in. The first step is choosing the right leader. The choice is clear.

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It's about You.

Discover our plan that will transform the KMC. These are simple but efficient. Learn more about our mission to improve lives of every citizen of our municipality and make KMC the most progressive region we can all be proud of.

We will reorganize the council administration; ensure effectiveness, transparency, and accountability; reform taxes, duties and revenue collection processes; develop and refurbish infrastructure; promote youth and women entrepreneurship, and support education and skill acquisition.

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