Join the team

Volunteer to be a part of the winning team and contribute to our journey to create a new Kanifing Municipality. Our work is grounded in service and our impact is greater when we work together. Will you join us to make history?


Aside from gaining experience and being part of the a winning team, the most important thing here is that we stand together.

Only if we stand united, together we can make history. We need you to be a part of it.


Open Position — Social Mobilizer

Social Mobilizer is responsible for mobilizing the community through dialogue, awareness raising and using our campaign tools to identify causes of local problems and their solutions.


Excellent interpersonal, communication and negotiation skills. Familiarity with local languages and customs and tradition will be an advantage. He or she must have the ability to work under extreme pressure, in difficult conditions while maintaining excellence.

Open Position — Polling Agent

The polling agent is to see that the interests of our candidate are safeguarded at the polling stations and to help the Presiding Electoral Officer to detect and prevent impersonation of voters by challenging persons whose identity as a real elector is doubtful.


Must be an observant and highly focused person and experience in fraud or agent assignment will be a plus. He or she be willing to stay at the polling station from opening to the end of counting, keeping a record..


Open Position — Campaigner

The Campaigner will add value to our outreach and be able to demonstrate an understanding of the issues and approaches we address. The Campaigner will be highly motivated to help take forward the main objectives of electing our candidate into office. 


Must be at least 18 years of age or older and everyone can join our campaign team. Sharpen your negotiation, communication and interpersonal skills and join us on the campaign trail. Must be motivated, flexible and able to work as a team member and on his or her own initiative when the situation demands and have the ability to identify opportunities for adding value.

Open Position — Outreach

Conduct community outreach to ensure maximum participation and build relationships with civic, business, faith community, clubs and other organizations to engage constituents.


Must understand the community’s culture and be able to take advantage of its opportunities and to respond positively to its challenges. Be a self-starter, take initiative, and be resourceful. Effective verbal and written communication skills, and knowledge and experience in community organizing. Must be motivated, flexible and able to work as a team member and be involved with the work of other campaigners as a support team member.